Six Bricks in India

Six Bricks in India

What is Six Bricks?

Sunday Bricks is happy to bring Six Bricks in India.

Six Bricks is a learning tool conceptualized by Care For Education (CFE), South Africa in partnership with LEGO® Foundation to uplift children, schools and organizations in under-resourced communities. 

Six Bricks is a cost effective
and an easy way to get manipulatives into the hands of every child in the classroom so they can experience colourful, fun, hands-on learning. 

Six Bricks activities are fun and short. They include activities using a set of 6 bright coloured LEGO® DUPLO bricks which help children practice their memory, communication, collaboration, movement, creativity and a lot more.

Six Bricks trainer in India

Mr. Mrunal Shah
Certified Six Bricks Facilitator

Our founder, Mr. Mrunal Shah, is one of the first certified Six Bricks facilitators of India.

Why Six Bricks?

Six Bricks Actity

• It is a simple, cost effective and a scalable solution.
• It helps in learning through play.
• It is a manipulative that remains on the child’s desk.
• Fun, short and daily activities and exercises.
• It helps develop motor skills, bilateral coordination and crossing the midline.

How & where to use Six Bricks?

Basically, Six Bricks activities do not take more than 3 to 5 minutes. They are 6 different coloured – RED, BLUE, LIGHT BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW and ORANGE 2 X 4 DUPLO bricks. These bricks can be used by children, teachers, parents and guardians in multiple settings.


They can be used
• Individually
• In a small group
• In a large group
• With a variety of ages
• To remediate learning challenges
• As an assessment tool for teachers and therapists

Does Sunday Bricks offer Six Bricks training in India?

Six Bricks Activity

• We offer Six Bricks Level 1 and Six Bricks Level 2 training as a certificate course for teachers, special educators and parents.

• The certificate course includes activity guides, access to online learning modules, monthly assessments and support by Team Sunday Bricks.

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