Why Sunday Bricks?



STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

LEGO® bricks are NOT just a toy. There are enormous possibilities to explore through LEGO® bricks. Kids and adults may have different approaches towards structure toys, but here, at Sunday Bricks our approach is the STEAM Methodology! Building LEGO® models involve silent thinking, patience, and creativity. Bricks are a way to explore and develop the skills one didn’t know he/she possessed. Kids learn a number of salient skills in a fun way while building with bricks.

Playing with LEGO® bricks leads to –

  • The understanding of spatial knowledge
  • The science behind mass & weight
  • The working of gravity & force
  • The calculations involved in building a LEGO® structure (LEGO® architecture)
  • Better usage of color combinations and different shapes
  • Innovating and creating something new every time
  • The ability to problem-solve with calm and patience

Sunday Bricks : THEMES

In our regular Sundays and 1- bricky day, each kid gets a special theme to explore. Themes are allotted to the kids based on their age and experience in building with LEGO® bricks. Kids get to build models based on the themes allotted; a Sunday Bricks theme consists of 3-4 LEGO® models. Towards the second half of the session, they design a background suitable to the theme. They’re provided with additional bricks and elements to build their own creations. At Sunday Bricks, kids are free to try absolutely anything creative – drawing, coloring and sometimes they also demonstrate short stories.

Here are some themes to explore at Sunday Bricks!

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