Christmas theme lego workshop

Christmas themed LEGO® workshop

Across 15 bustling locations in the heart of Mumbai. The air was filled with the delightful sounds of laughter, chatter, and the unmistakable clickety-click of LEGO® bricks coming together. Young builders, ranging from the tender age of 3.7 to the spirited 9-year-olds. Kids embarked on a magical journey in our Christmas-themed LEGO® workshop, crafting wonders that sparkled with festive cheer.


Imagination knew no bounds as these bright-eyed builders set out to recreate the essence of the season using the humble LEGO® bricks. Snowmen emerged, each with their unique personalities, while Christmas trees towered majestically, adorned with vibrant ornaments of creativity. Not to be forgotten were the charming reindeers, their LEGO® hoofprints weaving tales of holiday spirit.

But the true masterpiece of the day? None other than Santa’s sleigh, meticulously crafted by tiny hands brimming with enthusiasm. The workshop echoed with exclamations of glee and triumph as each child brought their version of the sleigh to life, embodying the joyous spirit of the season.

Amidst this whirlwind of creativity, Jogini played a pivotal role as our generous partner, adding their sprinkle of magic to the event. Their support made it possible for each child to take home cherished memories and a token of appreciation, enhancing the joy of the workshop manifold.

As the event concluded, the echo of laughter and the gleam in the eyes of these young builders resonated, painting a picture of a workshop that wasn’t just about LEGO® bricks and Christmas themes—it was about fostering creativity, spreading happiness, and building lifelong memories. The LEGO® workshop was indeed a resounding success, leaving a trail of festive magic that lingered in the hearts of all who attended. ????????

We are now looking forward to our next LEGO® workshop happening in Mumbai from 6th January 2024. For registration reach out to our team.

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