LEGO® Contest India 2021

We, at Sunday Bricks, believe that creativity cannot go wrong, it is always right! LEGO® Contest India 2021 powered by Scholastic India is an initiative to encourage young LEGO® lovers to participate in a friendly competition and showcase their creativity on a big platform. This contest will be divided into 4 categories A, B, C & D. The theme and rules for every category will be different. Themes will be disclosed during the LIVE session on 15th August 2021 only.

17th July to 9th August 2021 – Registration
30th July to 5th August 2021 – Introduction of our Judges
10th August 2021 – Email to all participants with Contest Artwork Pack (find it down below to download it)
13th August 2021 – Facebook and Instagram LIVE – Tips and Tricks for the contest
15th August 2021 – Contest Theme + Brainstorming session on ZOOM + CONTEST DAY
18th August 2021 – Announcing winners on Sunday Bricks social media
19th August to 20th August 2021 – Certificate distribution via email

Scholastic India will be giving hampers worth Rs.1000/- to 4 most creative winners under each category. All winners and participants will receive a digital certificate from Sunday Bricks too.

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Category A: 2.5 years to 4 years

Children participating under this category must be above 2.5 years of age and below 5 years.
Please note –
• Participants must use LEGO® Duplo or big blocks (any brand) to create models.
• Pre-contest brainstorming session will be held from 10.30 A.M to 10.50 A.M.
Building time – 75 minutes post brainstorming session


Category B: 5 years to 7 years

Children participating under this category must be above 5 years of age and below 8 years.
Please note –
• Participants must use LEGO® Classic or small bricks (any brand) to create models.
• Pre-contest brainstorming session will be held from 11.00 A.M to 11.30 A.M.
Building time – 75 minutes post brainstorming session


Category C: 8 years to 10 years

Children participating under this category must be above 8 years of age and below 11 years.
Please note –
Participants must use LEGO® Classic and LEGO® Technic or small bricks (any brand) to create models.
• Pre-contest brainstorming session will be held from 11.50 A.M to 12.10 P.M.
Building time – 75 minutes post brainstorming session


Registration CLOSED

Category D: 11 years to 13 years

Children participating under this category must be above 11 years of age and below 14 years.
Please note –
• Participants must use LEGO® Classic and LEGO® Technic or small bricks (any brand) to create models.
• Pre-contest brainstorming session will be held from 10.00 A.M to 10.20 P.M.
Building time – 75 minutes post brainstorming session



Contest Rules

1. LEGO® models submitted should be made by the participant only, without any help from parents or other individuals.
2. Only models exhibiting the participant’s own original ideas will be considered for evaluation. Builds copied partially or fully will lose points.
3. Participants can use LEGO® and also other brands that are compatible.
4. All entries need to be emailed to Sunday Bricks as per the schedule provide. Ay delay in the entry shall not be considered.
5. The winners of LEGO® contest will be selected by judges selected by the organizing team of this contest.

Registration & Payment Terms

1. Registrations shall close by 10 P.M. IST on 9th August 2021. To avoid last minute rush, register your child well in advance.
2. Please ensure you register your child in the right category.
3. Zoom meeting ID is embedded in the course and the same will be sent via email and whatsapp too.
4. Registration amount is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Q. My child is 4.5 years old – In which category do I register him for?

4.5 year old children can be either in category A or category B. If your child builds with blocks/LEGO® Duplo then please enroll him/her for category A. If your child builds with small bricks/ LEGO® Classic bricks then please enroll him/her for category B.

Q. What do we do after registering for the contest?

After you register for the contest you must wait till 15th August to know the theme for the contest. Children will build on 15th August only NOT BEFORE THAT. Our team will reach out to you via WhatsApp and email.

Q. Do we need to use only LEGO® bricks/blocks?

No, you are free to use bricks and blocks of any brand that is available at home. You can also use 2 or more type of bricks together with LEGO®.

Q. How will I submit my child’s creation on 15th Aug?

After the theme is disclosed during the LIVE ZOOM session on 15th August, you have to send 3 best pictures of the creation via email on The subject of the email must be : ‘Category name’ -Child’s name’. For example : Category A – Suhaan Shah

Q. I have registered but haven’t received any WhatsApp messages.

First message has been sent to all our participants via WhatsApp. If you haven’t received the same, then kindly save this number +919920980583 on your device. We send broadcast messages, which get delivered only when the number is saved on your device.

Q. What else can we add for art and creativity?

You can add anything that enhances the creativity of the LEGO® creation. It can be cut-outs, drawings, clay models, Hotwheels tracks/cars, Magna tiles etc. Please check our Artpack given below – they are printable sheets.

Q. How many bricks/blocks should we use?

The main structure of your creation must be built with bricks/blocks. There is no minimum of maximum number of bricks that you must use. Everything depends on the idea and creativity of the child.
If you need to buy a new bricks, please visit our store.

Q. How can I connect with team Sunday Bricks?

You can reach us on Instagram, Facebook, Email and Call/WhatsApp (+919920980583 / +918591519915 )

Q. What is the theme/topic for the contest?

The theme for the contest is different for every category. It will be announced only on 15th August during the ZOOM session.

Q. Can I sit with my child for the ZOOM session?

Yes, parents/guardians can attend the ZOOM session with their child. They can help the child understand the theme and concept of the contest.

Q. Can I help my child in building?

No, parents or elder siblings cannot help the child (participant). The thought process and creativity of the child will carry points.

Q. When and how will I receive ZOOM details?

ZOOM details will be sent via email and WhatsApp on 14th August. In case, you don’t receive it, please reach out to our team on +919920980583 / +918591519915

Q. What if we miss the ZOOM session? Can we still participate?

It is okay if you miss the ZOOM session. The theme will be updated on this page and also sent via WhatsApp. Please follow the theme and the guidelines to build the entry creation.

Q. Can we mix LEGO® Classic and LEGO® Technic to make this creation?

As per the rules of Category C & D you can use both LEGO® Classic and Technic together. However, for Category A & B you cannot use LEGO® Technic. Please read the rules for more details.

Q. When should we submit our creations?

Submission will happen only on 15th August via email .

Step 1 : Build the LEGO® creation according to the theme given for your category.
Step 2 : Click pictures of your LEGO® creation from different angles.
Step 3 : Attach 3 best pictures of your LEGO® creation (compress it to less than 2 MB in total) to the email.
Step 4 : Subject line of the email must be ‘Category name’ – ‘Child’s name’. For example: Category A – Suhaan Shah.
Step 5 : Kindly send the email to on 15th August itself.

Please note :
Late entries and images sent via WhatsApp/Instagram/Facebook will not be accepted. Only email entries will be accepted.


Tricky Bricks is Flynn De Marco & Richard Board. Their work has been shown at San Diego Comic Con, Bricks by the Bay, Bricks LA and more! They have been featured on The Brother’s Brick, Beyond the Brick TV, Tested and BrickJournal magazine.


Allyson loves all things LEGO®, Musicals, Muppets & Puns. She can morph your food, shoes, toys and everything else into LEGO® builds!


Disha is a play-enthusiast and the Co-Founder of Imagimake. Imagimake develops toys and games that help children discover their passion. We believe that curiosity, communication and creativity are the key skills that will help build the future leaders and are delighted to play a part in creating avenues that engage children to hone these skills. In a span of about 7 years our products have reached 20+ countries, and been recognized with an international patent and 10+ Indian and International awards.


Miriam is an independent facilitator, trainer and consultant with a strong background and experience of working in Education both nationally and internationally that includes teaching, lecturing and training roles at Primary, Post-primary, Further Education and Training, and Higher Education (Teacher Education) levels.


“Hello, I’m Jamie aka The Brick Educator! I am an online Tutor and certified LEGO® Education Teacher Trainer. I specialise in LEGO® Robotics and ‘Playful Learning’ and I can’t wait to see what you can create in this awesome competition!”


“My name is Remy, I live in Paris and we play Lego Duplo with my little boy Max, 3 years old. We started to play LEGO® because of the pandemic: we couldn’t go outside so we build LEGO® Home. We travel a lot from home with Lego_odyssey our Instagram account. We visit beautiful countries by rebuilding famous places. Follow us in our trip!”


Prerna is a communication designer who loves being with children and draws her inspiration from nature, the arts, daily life & basic materials. Prerna has over 11 years of experience with children’s projects like Book Design, Toy Design, Films, Performance & Curriculum design. Since 2015 she has been designing sensorial sessions, performances & installations for children under the brand, MannMela.


Aka Royaumedesbriques gives LEGO® workshops and is a certified facilitator LEGO® braille bricks and soon also Six Bricks. 


  1. i have fun with lego lego is my favourite pass time time to do i cann6live without playing with lego

  2. I m first time to participate in lego bricks contest.
    I m so happy

  3. Hi
    Thanks for this great initiative.
    My son is almost 5 years (4 years 8 months) old, but he is quite comfortable and loves using lego classic and small bricks, rather than duplo or big blocks. He has been using them for over an year now.
    Could I please register him in the category B (5-7 years).
    Hoping for a positive response.

  4. Hi

    Can any kid in that age group participate? Does the child need to be physically located in India?


  5. You have mentioned LEGO Technic. What comes under that as my son has mixed all the series of LEGO he had..

  6. its a type of lego brick -its not mandatory – if you have it you can use it.

  7. Hello

    are we supposed to use only use lego classics or can we use other lego series?


  8. for category A – blocks or duplo, catergory B,C,D can use classic bricks from any series of lego

  9. for each category lego is the material but apart from that you can use magna tiles, clay, jenga, hotwheels etc and use the art pack which is available for download

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