Desert Safari themed LEGO Workshop

In Mumbai this February, kids aged 3.7 to 9 in Mumbai had a blast at the Desert Safari lego workshop. Unfolding across 12 locations, offline event brought smiles and creativity to the young builders, blending the enchantment of lego with the adventure of exploring the desert.

Desert safari workshop

Our giveaway partner, the Children’s Newspaper, added an extra layer of excitement to the workshop, playing a vital role. Just as newspapers are essential for staying informed and engaged, our young builders learned about the fun-filled lego experience. With the assistance of our teachers, they actively crafted their very own desert scenes using lego bricks lego camels, sand dunes, and even a tiny oasis! The workshop wasn’t solely about fun; it also actively enhanced kids’ motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and collaboration with new friends.

What made this lego workshop extra cool? Well, it went offline, ensuring no screens! It allowed kids to play, touch, and have a great time with LEGO® in person. The activities catered perfectly to kids between 3.7 to 9 years old, ensuring everyone had a chance to shine. Kids crafted lego palm trees, transitioning into imaginative safari stories – a burst of creativity and excitement

As February wrapped up, the desert safari lego workshop left its mark on Mumbai’s young creators. It wasn’t just about building with lego ; it was also a taste of the desert safari experience. By mixing learning with play, this workshop was an unforgettable adventure. Now, with smiles on their faces, kids in Mumbai are eagerly waiting for the next exciting lego event to hit their city.

We are now looking forward to our next LEGO® workshop happening in Mumbai from 10th March 2024.

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