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LEGO® Classic 10698 & 10696 in India – Is it worth buying ?

Is it worth buying LEGO® Classic 10698 & 10696 boxes? Our answer to this question is a real big YES !! Both classic boxes are great but which one should you ideally buy?

lego classic 10698 & 10696

Below are some quick highlights about these 2 boxes –

No of pieces484 pcs.790 pcs.
Storage ContainerYes – medium sizeYes – large size
Instruction BookletIncludedIncluded
Includes Doors & Windows?Yes, very fewYes
Includes Wheels?YesYes
Includes Base Plates?Yes, very fewYes, several plates

Why Sunday Bricks recommends Classic 10698 over Classic 10696?

  1. Regular Builder – Both these boxes (lego classic 10698 & 10696) are an ideal choice but if your child really loves building atleast 2 times a week, then you must opt for classic 10698.
  2. Creativity Quotient – 10698 has 790 pieces which means there is a great variety. Different types of pieces allows your child to convert ideas into real brick creations.
  3. Larger Models – Big ideas need more pieces. The 10698 box contains so many 2×4, 2×3 and 2×2 pieces which are really helpful while building larger models.
  4. Base Plates – Every creation needs a foundation. Children enjoy building models over base plates. The 10698 classic set has multiple base plates but the size 16×16 is most useful.
  5. LEGO® Yellow Container – The Classic 10698 yellow container is so huge that it can literally store over 1000 LEGO® pieces.
  6. Special pieces – Compared to LEGO® classic 10696, the classic 10698 has multiple special pieces. Wheels, doors, windows, arches, supports and fences are in abundance in the classic 10698 box.
  7. Ideal for Sunday Bricks workshop – Both these boxes are ideal for Sunday Bricks regular weekend workshops, but for creative building we surely recommend LEGO® Classic 10698.
  8. Siblings can share – Yes, if you have 2 LEGO® lovers at home then LEGO® Classic 10698 can be easily shared by both kids. But if you own just the classic 10696 then its for 2 kids to share the pieces.
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