‘Stuck at Home’ LEGO® Activities

Staying indoors can get better! If your child loves LEGO® and has already built enough in this ‘quarantine’ break then it’s time to introduce them to something different. But can you take LEGO® away from a LEGO® fan? May be not!

Here are some quirky LEGO® printable stuff! Children and even grown ups can enjoy these fun coloring pages, crossword puzzles, and word searches featuring Star Wars, DUPLO, Ninjago, and LEGO® Friends characters.

Board Game Sheet for LIVE session – NEW

Tutorial on LEGO® Game – CLICK HERE

Learn how to build your very own board game with LEGO®! Download and print this sheet before you build with us LIVE on Tuesday 21st April!

Suitable for children – 5 years to 9 years

Color in the scene from LEGO® Friends, connect the dots to reveal the Ninjago ninja warrior, find the hidden words in the grid, and more!

Suitable for children – 3 years to 9 years

Time to grab some crayons and color in this cute LEGO® Duplo truck.

Suitable for children – 2 years to 4 years

Word search is a classic one. Find the hidden words and see how fast you are!
Tip – Use a pencil.

Suitable for children – 6 years to 8 years

Fill in the blanks, then go back and read what you’ve decided for Emmet and his Master Builders.

Suitable for children – 6 years to 9 years

Answer trivia questions about LEGO® DC Universe™ Super Heroes, find the LEGO® Friends in a fun word search, test your knowledge of Masters of LEGO® Ninjago and so much more with this awesome activity kit.

Suitable for children – 3 years to 9 years

Keep track of your collection with this LEGO® Minifigures checklist! Learn about each and every one of these minifigures in DK’s LEGO® Minifigures Character Encyclopedia!

Suitable for children – 5 years to 9 years

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