Arka & Abeer’s Friendship

If biscuits could define friendship, then Arka and Abeer’s bond is like Hide and Seek… Just like the chocolate chips beautifully compliment the malt, these two enrich each other’s life the same way. They can speak non-stop and build bricks non-stop and all of it with endless rounds of their favourite cookies stacked like the LEGO® Bricks and Tang.

Happy, go-lucky, brimming with energy, they can spend hours together with each other and their LEGO® bricks. Perhaps it will not be wrong to say that these bricks surely sealed the bond they share.

LEGO® is practically their answer for every problem. They are happy, they want LEGO®, they are sad, they want a LEGO® session. Whether they are just back from school or out for their morning games session at 7 am, whether it is raining cats and dogs or a scorching summer day, it is always a good time to build a few fantastic Legomotives….Yes this is what the car crazy besties call their Automotive fantasies made out of Plastic Bricks.


Here is raising a toast and wishing for more power to LEGO®, love and Legomotives!

 – Sumana Sarkar (Mother of Arka Dasgupta)


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