LEGO® workshop in Vashi

Sunday Bricks conducts LEGO® workshop in Vashi on every weekend. Every sunday kids explore a new theme and using LEGO® bricks and blocks.

There are so many benefits of playing with LEGO®. It helps children in multiple skill developement like Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, Mental & Social.

Development of motor skills is very important. This is one of the most important reasons why playing with bricks and blocks is recommended for every child.


When children build and construct with bricks and blocks they also interact with other children which helps them improve communication and social skills. Seeking help from someone is very easy, but how to approach that person is not easy. Hence building in groups is very important for kids to get socially active.

Our LEGO® workshop in Vashi center started in Jan 2018 and since then we have been happily engaging children in multiple workshops.

For information about upcoming workshops, you can contact us :

Email : connect(at)sundaybricks(dot)com

Whatsapp : +91-9920980583

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