Spooky House Challenge

Activity: Spooky House Challenge

Halloween and LEGO is a great combination and hence we decided to create the “Spooky House Challenge” . Children coming for our workshops keep looking for new challenges and we love exploring new ideas.


The objective of this activity was –

  • To introduce a new challenge keeping Halloween in mind.
  • To provide only 120 bricks to each child to Build a Spooky House. The material (LEGO bricks) provided to every child was same.
  • To create trick or treat stories and incorporate other material (not LEGO) to support their stories. We used wools, made-up spider-webs, masks and Halloween decorations.


The observations recorded before, during and after the activity were –

  • The LEGO bricks and other materials provided to the children were exactly the same and the outcome was surprising! All the spooky houses were unique with a unique story to go along.
  • Children are fond of healthy challenges and really enjoy it when they accomplish something better than what they had thought of.
  • Halloween themed activities excite both children and parents.
  • There is a need to create more challenges and healthy competition with structure building toys for children.
  • Children were wearing Halloween costumes and the energy level was at peak throughout the activity.

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