Snakes & Ladders

Activity: Snakes & Ladders

The idea behind creating this activity was to revamp the classic board game of Snakes & Ladders. The small victories, traps, and hurdles were re-defined and made with LEGO bricks. It serves as a 3D board game, which is really fun when a group of friends or family plays together.


The objective of this activity was –

  • To revamp the classic board game and create a 3D game.
  • To introduce the concept of ‘Create and Play’ amongst the children and parents.
  • To encourage children to use LEGO bricks in different ways.
  • To involve parents and siblings to be a part of the game that the children built.


The observations recorded before, during and after the activity were –

  • The game snakes & ladders is already loved by all children and so, it was easy for them to understand and come up with variations.
  • Children loved building their own version of the game. It made them feel that their ideas and LEGO creations were different and certainly unique.
  • The parents became a part of the games that their children built and immensely enjoyed it. This boosted self-confidence of the children and made them feel important.
  • There is a need to teach children how to use bricks or other structure toys in creating their own games.
  • Snakes & ladders was loved by both children and parents for multiple reasons like the game is familiar and has been played since decades by everyone, it is a group game that encourages good bonding, etc.

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