LEGO Mosaic – Level 2

Activity: LEGO Mosaic – level two

LEGO mosaic is a lovely art form and we introduced it with a variation. Children learnt to build the 2D mosaic by following the pictorial chart and additionally learnt to make their own 2D creations.


The objective of this activity was –

  • To teach children about 2D and 3D art.
  • To introduce pixel art with the help of LEGO bricks and base plate.
  • To encourage children to be more artistic and explore new ways to use bricks.


The observations recorded before, during and after the activity were –

  • LEGO mosaic is challenging and creating own 2D creation is slightly more challenging.
  • Children take about 10 minutes on average to get a hang of mosaic building.
  • It was noticed that children who have been building LEGO models with the instruction books found mosaic building tougher than the children who explore bricks without the instruction books.
  • Adding their own creativity is challenging but the outcome is quite neat.
  • The objectives were achieved and the activity was loved by all the participants.

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