Sunday Bricks introduces Bricky World workshop for the kids above 6 years of age. This workshop is designed considering the benefits of LEGO; LEGO helps kids to understand the importance of the 3-dimensions, helps them in silent thinking, problem-solving and become patient. Especially for the junior architects, town-planners, engineers and LEGO enthusiasts, we came up with building an entire LEGO City in a day.

What is Bricky World?

  • The idea is to plan, design and execute the LEGO city.
  • Building the LEGO city is about communication and team-work.
  • Kids get instruction books to build LEGO models.
  • They’re provided with additional LEGO bricks to build their own LEGO creations.
  • Family and friends of the participant will get a chance to visit the LEGO City.

Takeaways –

  1. Kids get an opportunity to create a whole LEGO City.
  2. Kids get to play with LEGO Classic, LEGO Technic, LEGO Friends, LEGO architecture.
  3. A goodie bag to all the participants worth Rs. 2000/-.
  4. Kids become more social and communicative.
  5. Team-building skills and silent thinking.
  6. Gain spatial knowledge.
  7. Understanding the science of town-planning and conveying their own ideas.
  8. The technique of constructing buildings and other models.
  9. Learn the calculations of the gravitational force.
  10. Better usage of color combinations and different shapes.



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