Jr. Bricks – 50 Activities Program using blocks

Jr. Bricks program by Sunday Bricks – A child’s milestones like the first word or those first baby steps are the most awaited moments for parents. While your child is reaching the big milestones, they are also experiencing lesser known moments of bliss and wonder. Every day they are passing a new stage, jumping new hurdles and learning new skills – which definitely are a few special moments to look out for…

Jr. Bricks program is suitable for 3 years to 4.5 years old children.

Jr. Bricks is a “Learning through Play” based foundation program. We offer a package of 50 activities that can be done with LEGO® DUPLO. These activities are recorded sessions on our e-learning platform. This program will guide your child to build with blocks, learn troubleshooting, focus better and most importantly, they will know that all their small victories aren’t actually small.

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What Jr. Bricks is NOT –

  • It is not a LIVE workshop – You will get 1 activity (recorded video) every day for 50 days.
  • It is not just a fun or an educational class – It is a combination of both.
  • It is not time bound – You can access anytime you want.
  • It is not chaotic – Every video is clear and very communicative.

How will Jr. Bricks program help my child?

  • Enhance Creativity using BLOCKS
  • Improve Fine Motor Skills using BLOCKS
  • Enhance Spatial Skills using BLOCKS
  • Pre Math concepts using BLOCKS
  • Enhance Logical Thinking using BLOCKS
  • Improve Language Skills using BLOCKS

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