FAQs about Jr Bricks program

Based on our interaction with parents here we have listed the common FAQs about the Jr Bricks program.

1. Which type of blocks or bricks do we need for Jr. bricks?
You can use LEGO DUPLO or big blocks (any brand). You can buy new blocks from our SUNDAY BRICKS ONLINE STORE.

2. My child is 4 years old and plays with LEGO Classic. Can he/she enroll for Jr. Bricks program?
If your child is 4 years and is comfortable playing with LEGO Classic bricks or small blocks, then he/she need not join Jr. Bricks program. He/she can join our regular Sunday workshops. Check out our upcoming regular Sunday LEGO workshop.

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3. Is it compulsory to view all 50 activity videos?
Yes, Jr. Bricks is designed as a foundation course and it’s more like a 50 day gradual process. It starts from basic concepts and goes one step ahead in each activity video. If you happen to miss a video, you can always access it the next day. You will always have an access to all the videos.

4. Is this a parent-child program?
Jr. Bricks is exactly how you want it to be. It can either be a parent-child program or an only for child program. However, if your child is new to blocks or is attending an online class for the first time, we would suggest the parent to be around.

5. How many children will be there in a batch?
There is no batch as such. Once you sign up for Jr. Bricks, you will start your course and can access it as your convenience. All our videos are as good as LIVE sessions and very easy to understand.

6. Is Jr. Bricks a good option for first timers?
If your first timer is aged between 3 years to 5 years, then definitely yes. If your child is above 5 years, then we would recommend our regular Sunday workshops for him/her. For regular Sunday LEGO workshops call/whatsapp us on +91-9920980583.

We hope these FAQs about the Jr Bricks program were helpful. If you still have any questions then do call us or write us on connect@sundaybricks.com