Baby Bricks

Baby Bricks is an initiative by Sunday Bricks for kids from 3.5 years to 5 years. It is a parent-kid workshop, where they get to explore Lego together and bond over it. The Baby Bricks program is designed to be conducted exclusively in school premises.

What is Baby Bricks?

  • Baby Bricks is a parent-kid Lego workshop, conducted in school premises (venues are updated on our social media pages).
  • It is a first, everlasting experience with Lego for the kids (3.5 year to 5 years) and their parents together.
  • The workshop is divided into 4 sessions with a batch size of 10 kids.
  • Any one parent will be allowed with the child during the workshop.
  • Each session will have its own unique agenda & colour theme.
  • Lego will be provided by Sunday Bricks and there will be trainers for guidance.

Duration –

A 90 minute session once a month on Saturdays.

Takeaways –

  1. First Lego experience through Sunday Bricks methodology.
  2. Introducing children to shapes, geometry and building in 3D.
  3. Exposure to one more activity to help reduce the screen time while at home.
  4. Teaching the parents how to troubleshoot when the child is stuck and how to preserve Lego at home.
  5. Guidance on buying age specific Lego models and introduction to Lego Terminology.