Weekly LEGO classes in Mumbai

Team Sunday Bricks is thrilled to announce the launch of weekly LEGO Classes in Mumbai. These classes offer a unique opportunity for children to unleash their creativity and enhance their problem-solving skills. Starting from July 1st, classes will be held at ten different locations across Mumbai. Multiple locations helps provides convenient access for families all over the city. Each session fosters imagination and teamwork, making learning fun and interactive.

lego classes in mumbai

Know more about the Program :
• 1 session per week
• 60 minutes session
• Learn to build around interesting themes
• Explore one theme per session
• Weekly challenges
• Home activities
• Fees : INR 6500 for 10 sessions

Suitable age?
• 2.5 years to 3.5 years
• 3.5 years to 4.5 years
• 5 years to 9 years

Parents can expect their children to come home with a sense of accomplishment. Children will also develop a deeper interest in STEM subjects. Enrollment is now open and we encourage early registration due to limited spots at each location. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Join us for the weekly LEGO Classes in Mumbai and watch your child’s imagination soar! You can also reach us on whatsapp +91-9920980583.

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