LEGO® workshop at Mumbai Museum

Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum is the oldest museum in Mumbai. Team Sunday Bricks was at Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum on 17th June (Saturday), 2023 and conducted a LEGO® workshop on theme – Mumbai Sky Line. It was a beautiful fusion of art, culture and bricks!

Mumbai has always been a place with tall towers and and huge bridges connecting one point to another making it a fascinating city. In this workshop we built skyscrapers, bridges with flora and fauna to portray our Mumbai city.

A picture of kids at the start of the workshop. It starts with an empty base plate and in 60 minutes you would be amazed to see how a city gets ready. Children were excited to build tall towers, small houses, flyovers, foot over bridges and roads.

At the beginning the museum team also showed children how Mumbai looked in earlier days. The material used in construction and the skyline and changed over the years.

It was absolute fun conducting LEGO® workshop at Mumbai museum and the reaction and overall response was absolutely amazing. We can’t wait to be back at the museum again with yet another unique theme.

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