Diwali Special- A 2-Day LEGO® Camp

Diwali is a festival that lights up every corner of the country with the brightest lights and colors. Sunday bricks celebrated this elegant festival by conducting a 2-day Diwali Special LEGO® Camp. Camps are always a fun way for children to learn, play, communicate and navigate their creativity in the right place!

This Diwali Special LEGO® Camp was held in 3 different centers across Mumbai, they were, Peppy Hearts pre-school(Ghatkopar) and TOD Bubble(Thane) on 19th and 20th October 2022, and Neriah Montessori(Prabhadevi) on 21st and 22nd October 2022 and the 4th one is going be held at Ikigai Global Prep school(Dadar). To know more about it click the icon below-

The first day of the camp began with the various stories of Diwali and introduction of various bricks and blocks. Stories are always fun to learn as it brings kids closer to the festival and its culture. Diwali is incomplete without the making of rangoli and this is why our first structure of the day was, A LEGO® Rangoli. Children were in awe after seeing the variety of colored bricks that they can use to make their rangoli. After receiving the instructions on how to make a rangoli from the instructor, they were left alone with minimal supervision. This allowed them to use their creativity freely to make their unique rangoli and they all did a great job at it.

But even a rangoli is incomplete without the addition of the diya and this brought us to the second structure of the day that is LEGO® DIYA. Some brown bricks and special pieces later, Children learned how to make a diya to complete their Diwali creation. This is how our first day ended with a lot of colors and smiles

The second day started with colors right away. Children were provided with drawing paper to color as it was an important element of their next structure, that is, a LEGO® photo frame. Children were eager to make the LEGO® photo frame and Frame their paintings. To make a photo frame from LEGO® bricks, its important to learn various interlocking techniques and what bricks to use. After learning so, children made some beautiful frames. Their colorful paintings went well with their colorful frames and the smile on their faces were the widest. This is how, we came to a delightful end of our 2-day Diwali Special LEGO® camp.

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