How to find Budget-Friendly LEGO® bricks?

Whenever someone says LEGO®, we instantly think of colorful bricks and blocks, but LEGO® is a brand name, not a product. LEGO® bricks are generally expensive. Beginners who are getting into building bricks and blocks hesitate to buy LEGO® bricks (as they can cost somewhere between INR 4000-14000). So, if you or your child a first-timer and are trying to finding cheaper alternatives for LEGO® bricks, this article is for you.

Some cheaper alternatives are compatible with existing LEGO® bricks, Here are some ways you can find alternatives and LEGO® bricks at a low price.

Online sites

Online sites like Amazon have great discounts but still are expensive. The online sites we are talking about today are auction sites. Auction sites work for the sole purpose of reselling. On auction sites like eBay or bricklink, you can find used LEGO® bricks that you can buy at a resale value. LEGO® bricks are plastic blocks so after a little bit of cleaning, they would be good as new

 • Bricks starter pack

We, at Sunday bricks, have curated a starter pack, perfect for beginners and it’s compatible with LEGO®. It costs around INR 1600 which is cheaper than other bricks and block’s brand out there.

So what will this starter pack contain?

1X2 Brick – 50 nos.
2×2 Brick – 70 nos.
2×3 Brick – 30 nos.
2×4 Brick – 80 nos.
1×2 slope – 20 nos.
1×4 slope – 10 nos.
Door – 4 nos.
Minifigure – 3 nos.
Window – 10 nos.
8×16 Plate – 4 nos.

Remember, your bricks can be of any brand, What’s important is that you learn, build, create and have fun.

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