Dussehra – The Sunday Bricks way

Dussehra, A festival that marks the glorious win over evil. So Sunday Bricks decided to conduct a two-day Dussehra Special LEGO Workshop to mark this auspicious festival the Sunday Bricks way. We did it on1st October at The Acres Club, Chembur, and on 2nd October at Prodigy Montessori, Andheri. This workshop gave children a fun way to learn about our culture, our traditions and rituals.

The workshop started with the happy roars of the children as the instructor started with the very first fact of the day, which was, What does the name Raavan mean? The answer is “The loudest roar.” Now the happy roars seem self-explanatory, don’t they? Then children dove their hands into their trays in search of the perfect colored bricks to start making the Ten Head Ravana’s legs. With this they started their journey into making the model and learned things like interlocking techniques and other interesting facts about the festival.

With the sounds of laughter and bricks an hour got by. The the children were ready with their ten-head Ravana but the workshop was still not over, why? Because what do we do with Ravana’s idols on Dussehra? Yes, you are right, we burn it. So we set our LEGO® models on fire, well not with the real fire. We made our fire with CLAY! Children were first surprised at the sight of clay blocks arriving at their trays but when instructed, they went full Picasso over the clay as they started making fire to burn their LEGO® Ravana model. When they finally did it, it was messy but they had fun with it. It’s always a pleasure to see children play around with their creations. Skoodles at the end surprised everyone with their giveaways which was delightful. With this, our workshop came to a delightful end.

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