LEGO® Summer Camp in Mumbai

For many children, summer camp is where lifelong memories and friendships are made. We are all the more excited to meet children for LEGO® Summer Camp in Mumbai after the long online spree!

This LEGO® Summer Camp is one of its kind. Explore the most popular & versatile toy -LEGO® with programs for children at activity centers near you. It is perfect for all children from 3.5 years to 7 years, whether they are just beginning to explore LEGO® Duplo or LEGO® Classic, or if they already have been building with bricks and blocks.

Where is it happening in April?

Where is it happening in May?

In collaboration with well-known preschools/activities in Mumbai, Sunday Bricks has planned a 5 day LEGO® summer camp for your little architects. These fun-packed 5 days will start from 11th April 2022. Children will enjoy building with bricks/blocks, stories, games and so much more!

Suitable age?
• 3.5 years to 4.5 years
• 5 years to 7 years

What to expect?
• 5 day offline workshop for children (Monday to Friday)
• Workshop material will be provided
• Children will learn to build structures with bricks/blocks
• Games and activities with bricks/blocks
• Dedicated trainer to execute this program
• Interesting themes daily – STEAM Approach
• Children will Learn through Play
• Children will gain spatial knowledge & develop gross motor skills and fine motor skills
• Children will innovate simple yet meaningful things

Sunday Bricks is committed to providing constructive & playful learning opportunities to all children 3 years and above. We are based in Mumbai and our creative LEGO® workshops operate in schools, libraries, play centers & online too. This Summer, we are planning something fun for pre-school children to pre-teens!

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