Amazing ways to throw a spectacular LEGO® themed birthday party

Who doesn’t love LEGO®? They never go out of trend and are also gender-neutral and saves your day.

Children’s birthday parties are something we all look up to as much as the kids do. If you are in search of an amazing themed birthday party idea, then this blog is just for you. Put on your creative hats and get set to rock a super cool LEGO®-themed birthday party.

Start off with customized LEGO®-themed birthday invitations. You can check out some of the printable LEGO®design templates available online. Stay in line with the LEGO® theme when it comes to the decorations like balloons, hats, and banners.

Try your hands in making a huge DIY LEGO® brick as an attractive centerpiece. Make use of a big cardboard box, paint or colour paper, and glue to make the block. For the circular plugs get creative with yogurt tubs, short paper cups, or empty paper towel rolls.

What is a birthday party without a cake, the star of the event for the kids? Use any flavored cake and decorate it with fondant LEGO® bricks and figurines. Don’t forget a generous dash of rainbow sprinkles.

Set the dessert table with LEGO® cupcakes or popsicles. Using LEGO®-shaped moulds spark up the party with colourful jellos and candies.

Check out these fun-filled activities to go with the LEGO® theme

  • Art attack – Take some printouts with LEGO® figurines and let the kids colour them.
  • LEGO® Challenge – Set a time and ask the kids to make a LEGO® figurine or vehicle.
  • Memory game – Layout LEGO®accessories and minifigures on a Base Plate. Let the kids have a look at it for a minute and make them name those items.
  • Jar so far – Put some LEGO® bricks into a glass jar. Let the kids guess the number of LEGO® bricks in them.

Cheer the winners with some awesome LEGO®gifts.

With lockdown restrictions, children’s birthday parties have never been the same as before. But you can throw an equally cool virtual/online birthday party! Yes, you heard it right.

Make use of platforms like Zoom or Google Meet to invite your guests to your virtual online birthday party. Send out online invitations. Choose activities that can be conducted online. Also, plan ahead and send out the goodies to your guests with a trusted delivery partner.

Create a lasting impression with these ideas for a stunning LEGO® birthday party. Get set to rock the day with all things LEGO®!

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