I’m looking for LEGO® Classes in Mumbai for kids

Is your child a LEGO® lover? If yes, then you surely have landed at the right place. Sunday Bricks conducts creative LEGO® classes in Mumbai based on STEAM approach. Our LEGO® classes make a great after-school activity for children from age 5 to 12 years.

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lego classes in mumbai

But why should one choose LEGO® over other things?

Because children learn through play! Your child will develop the following skills during a LEGO® class –

  • Boosts spatial reasoning – Building with LEGO® bricks includes calculations, judgement and innovation resulting in developed spatial knowledge.
  • Promotes perseverance – Perseverance and troubleshooting is a life-skill. Building LEGO® models is not easy at first. There are challenges but once your child is at it, he/she will overcome all the challenges and complete building the model.
  • Teaches sharing – LEGO® is a wonderful toy to play with a team too! Children learn a lot while sharing ideas and LEGO® bricks to create something meaningful.
  • Motor skills development – LEGO® is one of the best toys that you can introduce your children to at an early stage. It will help them develop gross motor skills and fine motor skills.
  • Scientific concepts – Building a LEGO® tower may look very easy to build but a strong tower needs a good foundation. Children learn these simple scientific concepts while playing with LEGO®.

What is actually taught in LEGO® classes?

One might not have a direct answer to this question but we can surely tell you that building beyond towers can be taught. By using storytelling and easy building techniques your child will get a new perspective to look at things. LEGO® can be used as a tool to express ones imagination, emotion and ideas.

We have online as well as offline LEGO® classes for children every weekend.

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lego classes in mumbai

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