LEGO® artist in Mumbai India ?

‘The Mumbai Festival’ was organized by the Maharashtra Government with the state tourism department and Things2do. And here we are going to talk about the 4 Ft tall strawberry at The Mumbai Festival – which was a BIG ATTRACTION at the event. This is made by a LEGO® artist in Mumbai India, which is team Sunday Bricks.

It was held from 25th January to 14th February 2021 to kick-start consumer-driven industries after the lockdown and support enterprises across the city.

Fest-O-Berry was a one of its kind experience, which indeed was a great finisher to this festival. It was held in R City Mall, Ghatkopar on the 13th and 14th of February 2021 offering a huge variety of cultural, music, food, art activities. It was not a regular shopping festival but was more like a celebration of the spirit of Mumbai.

The center of attraction at Fest-O-Berry was a 4 feet tall strawberry made by blocks – commissioned to Sunday Bricks. Sunday Bricks team is honored to be a part of The Mumbai Festival – Fest-O-Berry 2021. At the event, we had a LEGO® corner where we held LEGO® workshops for children besides curating the big strawberry. Children enjoyed building LEGO® strawberries, LEGO® monsters, brick stamping and building a LEGO® car, and racing on the tracks. Creativity has always been the highlight of all our LEGO® workshops and it blended very well with the idea of this festival.

As an enterprise, we are glad to have collaborated with Things2do in Mumbai and look forward to more such events hereafter.

Interesting facts about the BIG STRAWBERRY

  1. It is a 4 Ft tall structure
  2. It is created using 5000 blocks approx.
  3. It was built in 3 days by the Sunday Bricks team
  4. Kids fixed some blocks too at the event
  5. It has no iron rods or wood for support – it is standing strong only on blocks
  6. Its weight is perfectly balanced on every block used
  7. Interlocking technique and glue were used to make the structure strong

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