Playing with your kids is more important than you thought!

It is true that children should learn to play alone and with other children. But having a parent-child playtime on a regular basis can open up many possibilities for both parents as well as the children.

Children of all age crave parent’s attention and time. Involvement of the parents with their children while playing gives them a doorway to the child’s world. In role-playing games, let the child decide the theme, story and characters. You, as a parent, can go with the flow, let him/her take the charge and you can ask questions. There is absolutely no need to over-stimulate, in fact, be silly and just have fun. Parent-child role play games help in building –

  • Good communication between parent and child,
  • Child’s trust in his/her parent,
  • Patience for both parent and child,
  • Problem-solving skills in the child,
  • Creativity for both parent and child.

Besides role plays, parents can get involved with the kids in any indoor/outdoor games. Playing with kids builds a bond that lasts forever. It lets the child know that he/she is important and valued. It opens the door for sharing problems and concerns when the need arises. It helps the parent get to know and under the uniqueness of each child. It is also a great stress reducer for overworked parents.

Last weekend at Sunday Bricks, kids built football fields with LEGO® and used plastic balls and straws to really play with it. Here’s how we involved their parents in their playtime.

Parents are capable of teaching the kids how to become a good winner and a good loser. Let them win and show them how you take the loss sportingly and that there are good things about losing too. When you win, show them that celebrating victory is good but pride is not always healthy. Talk to them about where they possibly went wrong when they lost. Important is that they understand that it’s just a game and it’s absolutely okay to win or lose; however, they must learn to enjoy and have fun while playing.

Encourage the child to be active and expressive about how they feel when they win or lose. This is a healthy practice that you, as a parent, can start implementing and start seeing the difference in the bond with your child. It won’t be wrong if we say Playing and Parenting go hand in hand during the growing years of your children.

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