1 Bricky Day

We wondered, how about a one-day LEGO workshop for the kids who can’t make it on Sundays?

And the answer was – One Bricky Day!

What is One Bricky Day?

  • It is a one-day LEGO workshop.
  • Each kid is allotted a theme based on their age and experience in building LEGO.
  • Kids get to build models based on the themes allotted.
  • Towards the second half of the session, they design a background suitable to the theme.
  • They’re provided with additional LEGO bricks to build their own LEGO creations.

Duration –

One bricky Day is a one-day workshop we hold mostly on Saturdays.

Takeaways –

  1. One Bricky Day acts as an experiment for the kids with LEGO.
  2. Explore LEGO models.
  3. Introduction to the concept of silent thinking.
  4. Gain spatial knowledge.
  5. Understanding the science behind mass & weight.
  6. Learn the calculations of the gravitational force.
  7. Better usage of color combinations and different shapes.

Special session – 

Kids are allowed to create games and understand the usage of LEGO bricks without and instructions.



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Disclaimer : LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor,
authorize or endorse this program.