1. Is my 2 years old son/daughter too young to join Sunday Bricks?
A – Yes, Sunday Bricks LEGO workshops are best suited for 6 years and above. However, your child is perfect to start exploring LEGO at this age. LEGO Duplo is the right product for this age.


2. My son/daughter is 16 years old, is he/she too old to join Sunday Bricks?
A – Currently, Sunday Bricks offers LEGO workshops to children aged 6 years to 12 years. There are no batches for teenagers as yet. But then again, LEGO is not restricted to age or gender. Anyone can opt for LEGO as a hobby at any age. There are many LEGO sets like LEGO Architecture, LEGO Technic, LEGO Bionicle etc. that will certainly attract the teenagers and be a great source of recreation.


3. Is LEGO beneficial for special children?
A – Yes, there are LEGO therapies that benefit special children to a great extent. Building with LEGO bricks is a multi-sensory, open-ended experience, so the building projects can be tailored to any person’s unique needs, such as blindness, deafness, mobility impairment, autism or ADHD.


4. Does Sunday Bricks have any workshop for special children?
A – No, Sunday Bricks does not have LEGO workshops designed for special children. We do not have trainers who are trained to practice LEGO therapies for special kids. Nonetheless, children who are easily distracted, have poor concentration, short attention span, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and Bipolar disorder can come with their parents or guardians to attend our regular LEGO workshops. They can build LEGO strictly under the supervision of their parents or guardians. And of course we are here to help you and your child.


5. Do you have LEGO workshops for adults?
A – We do not have regular LEGO workshops for adults as yet. LEGO is equally beneficial and fun for adults as it is for children. However, we plan to conduct a one-day workshop for adults soon. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!


6. Should my child carry his/her own LEGO bricks to the workshop?
A – No, children do not need to carry their own LEGO sets. The whole idea behind Sunday Bricks’ LEGO workshops is to offer the children to create new LEGO models with new set of bricks. They’ve already played with the LEGO sets they have at home, here they get an opportunity to face new challenges and create something different.



1. What is a regular Sunday Bricks workshop like?
A – Sunday Bricks is all about LEGO – True. But our workshops are built on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) approach. The workshops are structured with 50+ LEGO themes, fun activities and role plays. Each child is allotted a unique LEGO theme and he/she works on different LEGO models in every workshop. There are no repetitions in terms of the themes and models, this makes every workshop a new experience for the child. A typical Sunday Bricks workshop helps the children develop patience and showcase their creativity.


2. Why do all children work on different LEGO models?
A – First things first, each child is allotted a unique LEGO theme and he/she works on different LEGO models in every workshop. There are no repetitions in terms of the themes and models, this makes every workshop a new experience for the child. The reason why all the children do not work on the same LEGO theme since they are allocated based on their age and skill level. It takes a number of LEGO building sessions for the children to get a hang of it. We recommend to start with less difficult LEGO models to more difficult ones as the child progresses.


3. Why does Sunday Bricks have themes? How does it help the children?
A – The aim of having themes at Sunday Bricks is to ignite creativity within the children. They develop an understanding of connection between the elements each theme has. Building an entire theme with a hand-made background emits art and storytelling skills in the children. New themes in every workshop means new challenges and new creations every Sunday.


4. Why do you have different LEGO themes on each Sunday?
A – We understand human nature, especially when it comes to children. Building with LEGO is a challenge, be it small or big, once a child overcomes that challenge, he/she is less likely to build the same LEGO model again. A different theme in every workshop means new challenges and new creations every Sunday.


5. What is LEGO library?
A – Sunday Bricks’ regular workshops on Sundays in Vashi (Navi Mumbai) has LEGO library towards the end of every session. LEGO library is an initiative to instill the habit of reading into the children. We provide LEGO story books for children aged 6 years to 12 years. Children get to take one LEGO book home for a week and exchange it with a new one on next Sunday. There are no extra charges for the LEGO library, its a part of the workshop.


6. Is Sunday Bricks against technology and virtual games?
A – No, Sunday Bricks is not against technology. In today’s time, we all need to grow and be able to use the technology that is available to us (for good). Our children must be updated with all the new innovations taking place in the world; as parents we must support and understand them. Not ignoring the fact that the benefits building with LEGO and other old school indoor games had, are incomparable to the benefits virtual games provide.


7. Why are your workshops only 90 minutes long?
A – The duration of all our workshops is 90 minutes. One can be engrossed in building LEGO for hours and believe us or not, it is never going to be boring. Considering this fact, we have carefully structured our workshops to provide maximum benefits within a limited span of time. Building a LEGO model in a limited time helps the children in thinking fast and executing their thoughts in a given time.


8. Can my child take the LEGO models home that he/she builds in class?
A – Sunday Bricks does not allow the kids to take LEGO models home. As the fees include building LEGO, learning spatial thinking and art, fun, interactive activities and LEGO library. Kids take home with them a handful of intangible benefits, which will help them grow further in everything that they do.


9. Is it better to buy a new LEGO set instead of paying for every session at Sunday Bricks?
A – Honestly, we cannot compare buying new LEGO sets to our LEGO workshops. Buying a new LEGO set is good, we are not against it. A new LEGO set comes with a new challenge, once the child has done building a model then the fun and exploring factor is gone after that. Here at Sunday Bricks, we have more than 5 lakhs LEGO bricks for your children to explore!
             At our workshops, your child gets an opportunity to play with a bigger group of children than playing alone at home. Building LEGO in a group helps in improving communication skills in the children, they become more open with new people and get inspired by each other’s creativity.