LEGO In The Box


Activity: LEGO in the BOX

Last Halloween we introduced “LEGO in the BOX” with an idea of ‘think within the box’ . This concept challenged some in-built thoughts and beliefs about 2D, 3D modelling and effects of gravity on it. Using a square box for the activity encouraged children to use all the 4 sides of the box and create 4 different stories.


The objective of this activity was –

  • To introduce something new for children and fuel their brains to think in 4 directions.
  • To increase the level of challenge and find out ways to be creative.
  • To execute Halloween stories in a fun way.


The observations recorded before, during and after the activity were –

  • The regular LEGO model building got a little boring for children and they needed a greater challenge to create something new with LEGO.
  • Children thoroughly enjoyed the activity and came up with interesting stories using all the sides and corners of the box.
  • Introducing LEGO in the Box for Halloween was a big hit as showing some bats hanging upside down or spider crawling up was possible inside the box.
  • Children came up with weird yet innovative ideas to use the box in the best possible way. The outcome was amazing and far better than what we anticipated.
  • All the objectives were achieved and we saw some really ‘out of the box’ stories made ‘inside the box’.

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