Junior Bricks – 6 Week Program

A child’s milestones like the first word or those first baby steps are the most awaited moments for parents. While your child is reaching the big milestones, they are also experiencing lesser known moments of bliss and wonder. A simple stroll in a park or playing hide & seek at home, your child is having those little movement or actions that signify that he/she is heading in the right direction. Every day they are passing a new stage, jumping new hurdles and learning new skills – which definitely are a few special moments to look out for…

Junior Bricks is a 6-week foundation program for children that concentrates on those small yet significant accomplishments. In these 6 classes your child will build with blocks, learn troubleshooting, learn to focus and most importantly, learn to enjoy small victories. It is suitable for 3 years to 5 years old children.

Week 1: Learning about Alphabets & Numbers through play

First week is a warm-up for your child’s super-important muscles in his/her fingers. They will start with something they know of and learn to associate an idea with alphabets and numbers.

Week 2: Learning about Shapes & Colours through play

This week is about brushing up their ideas about shapes and colours in a fun way. They will build with blocks while figuring out how all objects are made of different shapes put together.

Week 3: Learning about Comparison & Pre-Math through play

By this week your child knows to build basic structures with blocks. And now they are ready to step-up and learn basic comparison and pre-math.

Week 4: Learning about Position & Language Skills through play

Week 4 is all fun and games – by now your child is used to building with blocks, comparing shapes and also following LIVE instructions. This week they will polish their language skills using the concept of position.

Week 5: Building theme – Sea Life

Is it time to build something interesting? Oh yes! Your child has already thought of building many things that he/she sees around the house. And this week they will get creative and have a guided path to begin.

Week 6: Building theme – Park

A stroll in the park for your child is an adventure every time and this final week is about recollecting their adventurous stories and building around it.

Upcoming Batch – October 2020
Status – 10 seats Available
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