Chandrayaan-themed LEGO® Workshop

Chandrayaan themed LEGO® Workshop

Young space enthusiasts embarked on an extraordinary space mission at our recently finished LEGO® Chandrayaan themed LEGO® workshop. The workshop was designed for children aged 3.7 to 9 years, took young budding astronauts on a creative journey. With over 350 eager participants at 17 different locations across Mumbai, our mission was a resounding success.

Chandrayaan theme
LEGO workshop

Children were equipped with colorful LEGO® bricks, set their sights for a perfect lunar landing. Guided by our experienced trainers and with their own imagination, they crafted rockets & rovers that could replicate ISRO’s finest design. They also built creative aliens with their bricks and blocks. The sense of pride and accomplishment in their eyes was evident as they completed their mission.

Urban Platter

As the stars of the show, the children’s achievements shone brightly and the success of this celestial adventure wouldn’t have been possible without our generous giveaway partner – Urban Platter.

Their support added an extra layer of delight to the workshop, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their support to this cosmic experience.

In the vast expanse of creativity, imagination and learning, our LEGO® Chandrayaan themed workshop was a huge success.

We look forward to more adventures in the universe of imagination and creativity with these young astronauts in the future.

We are now looking forward to our 2 day fun Diwali LEGO Camp happening in Mumbai between 16th Nov to 19th Nov. For registration reach out to our team.

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