LEGO® event – KIA360 Gurgaon

This November Sunday Bricks was a part of a very special LEGO® event at The Kia Experience Center, Kia360, located in the heart of Gurgaon. This LEGO® event was a celebration of children’s day and was open to all age groups – kids, parents, aunts and uncles! We witnessed a footfall of 80 people approx. on the event day.

In collaboration with KIA, LBB Delhi and Studio Tvastra, we created a space full of fun and opportunities for all participants to give life to their imagination. Our goal was well aligned with KIA’s brand philosophy intact of envisioning #MovementThatInspires. The nature of the event was more like a LEGO® workshop, very interactive and supported open play. It definitely helped all the participants unleash their creativity and take a leap of inspiration. All kids and adults were true to Kia’s vision of enhancing their skills by thinking creatively and accepting challenges head on – which left us all AMAZED!!

The idea was to give children a hands-on experience with LEGO® and let adults relive their childhood. We started with an introduction to LEGO®, followed by fun challenges and building activities. Each participants got an original LEGO® kit from us, thus, they all had the same bricks and pieces for the activity.

Highlights of the LEGO® Event at KIA Experience Center –

Extremely interactive

Hand-on with LEGO®

Built KIA with LEGO®

Family Bonding Time

Revisiting Childhood

Build your Dream KIA

In a nutshell, our Children’s Day special LEGO® event at The Kia Experience Center that happened on 13th November 2021 was a massive hit! The response we received from the children, parents and most importantly, our partners, was positive and very motivating. This was a free event and was listed on LBB Delhi. Prior registration was mandatory with an RSVP confirmation for all the participants.

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